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Parking Lot Installation Done Right

When it comes to paving companies, it's easy to assume that one is just as good as the next. But in reality, that's not true at all. You need the right paving contractors to ensure your parking lot paving job is done right the first time.

That's because there's a lot more to installing a driveway or parking lot than just the paving process itself. Parking lot construction starts with the right site preparation, including adequate grading and then appropriate preparation of the base layers before the top coats of asphalt go down. Without good parking lot paving preparation, you can end up with a lot that's bumpy, constantly covered in puddles, or faces other performance and longevity issues. With qualified paving contractors on the job, however, you can avoid all of these issues from the get-go.

That's where Pacific West Asphalt can help. We've specialized in driveway and parking lot paving for more than 26 years. Our team has the in-depth know-how you can trust to get the job done right, from start to finish. Our parking lot and driveway paving contractors are fully equipped to tackle the entire paving project, including grading and site preparation, and we can even put the finishing touches on with our curb installation and striping services.

So don't settle for the other guys if you want your new parking lot to look great and perform well long term. Call in Pacific West Asphalt instead, and experience the difference our paving contractors can make.

Pacific West Asphalt is Sacramento’s source for residential and commercial asphalt paving and concrete services. Our excavation contractors and driveway contractors have been paving the way to durable, high-quality outcomes since 1990. We’re here to handle your whole project: land clearing, yard grading, parking lot paving, and all. Instead of multiple providers, we’re the only team you need!