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Parking Lot Paving

As a business owner, you have to recognize that the image your company conveys begins in the parking lot. Without safe, welcoming accommodations for parking, you could be missing out on customers or putting employees in harm’s way. Since 1990, Pacific West Asphalt has been helping Sacramento-area businesses of all sizes ensure ample and orderly parking lot paving. Whether you need brand new parking lot construction or parking lot services for expansions, resurfacing, repairs, or replacements, we’re just a phone call away to help. Our parking lot contractors can also assist with key design elements, including stripes, curbs, and speed bumps. We’re your one-stop shop in the region for parking lot paving service. Contact us today for a parking lot you can be proud of!

Why choose Pacific West Asphalt to be your parking lot pavers? For starters, we can oversee your entire parking lot construction, from initial design to proper groundwork to final parking lot painting. That’s a great convenience when you have a business to run, allowing you to hire just one parking lot company instead of separate providers. Plus, we won’t turn away your small jobs, either. Regardless of the scope of your parking lot paving service, we’re here to help. Our commercial paving contractors are available for:

  • Pacific West Asphalt - Parking LotParking lot installation
  • Parking lot expansions
  • Parking lot replacements
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Crack and hole repairs
  • Parking space stripes
  • Handicap space marks
  • Parking stop installations
  • Speed bump installations
  • And more!

Of course, parking lot services vary widely from site to site and business to business. That’s why it’s vitally important to enlist parking lot pavers who can adjust to your requirements, whatever they might be. When you want your parking lot paving to go smoothly from the start, you couldn’t ask for more knowledgeable or more considerate parking lot contractors than the team at Pacific West Asphalt. We have more than 26 years in the trade, and we’ll work hard for you.

Expert Parking Lot Striping

Most parking areas aren’t complete until parking lot lines are correctly thought out and clearly marked. We’re happy to include parking lot striping as part of your commercial asphalt paving services at Pacific West Asphalt. In fact, our parking lot striper services can be combined with your parking lot construction or on a stand-alone basis, however you prefer. Either way, we can partner with you to design the best layout for your lot, and then carry out parking striping for standard spaces, handicapped parking areas, and other designated zones, such as loading areas and crosswalks. There’s more to parking lot painting than you might realize, and we’re ready to handle it all.

Sensible Parking Stops

Parking stops, or parking curbs, are another smart way to ensure an organized parking lot. Instead of parking lot lines alone, parking blocks create clear boundaries of how far vehicles can pull into a space. Parking bumpers can also be installed to keep drivers from entering into areas where cars are not permitted. Again, Pacific West Asphalt can provide you with parking curb installation as a separate service or together with our other parking lot construction offerings. We want your commercial parking lot to suit the precise needs of your business, parking stops and all.

Traffic-Calming Speed Bumps

For certain parking areas that see a moderate-to-heavy flow of traffic, it’s usually a good idea to implement speed bumps. Drivers have a tendency to go too fast when approaching parking lots, and speed humps have proven highly effective for traffic calming purposes. Whether you’re interested in a single speed bump to slow down entering motorists or you need numerous speed bumps installed along an extensive stretch of road, just put in a call to Pacific West Asphalt. We can help you control dangerous drivers around your commercial property with our customized services for installing speed humps. Get in touch with us today for details and free price quotes.

When you’re on the lookout for parking lot paving, your best bet in the Sacramento area is Pacific West Asphalt. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and we can’t wait to help. Find out more about our parking lot services today when you call us or reach us online!

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Pacific West Asphalt is Sacramento’s source for residential and commercial asphalt paving and concrete services. Our excavation contractors and driveway contractors have been paving the way to durable, high-quality outcomes since 1990. We’re here to handle your whole project: land clearing, yard grading, parking lot paving, and all. Instead of multiple providers, we’re the only team you need!


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